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Whether it’s your first home, your dream home, or something in between, it is always a big event in your life.  A good Realtor® can help you navigate this exciting time by helping you find clarity, become educated in the process and empower you to know that you are making a great decision.

My goal as a real estate agent is to create a relationship where trust is built and questions are encouraged.  By being empowered in the process you will know the right house at the right price.  Furthermore, my services extend will beyond finding you the right place.  One can expect a lasting relationship that is helpful from the time we begin your search, through closing and into any questions you may have while you are in your home.

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Looking to make money in Waterloo Region’s real estate market?

With my experience in real estate investing and property management, I can help identify the right opportunities to generate long-term cash flow. My personalized approach will work with your overall investment plan, and factors such as financing and timing, to ensure you get your desired return on investment.

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Buying a home or investment with a friend or business partner has many advantages

Taking on a partner, increasing buying power and resources to maintain a home both physically and financially, can be beneficial.  Of course this type of relationship has some logistical hurdles as well.  For example, how to decide when to sell? What if someone has to move sooner than expected?

I have specialized in joint venture and partnership relations for the last 10 years.  I can skillfully help you prepare for these hurdles in advance.  When done right, buying a property as a partnership/ group can be financially and enjoyable. 

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Join Ventures

Are you interested in hands off approach to real estate investing?

Perhaps you would like to invest in real estate out of town but can’t imagine taking care of a property.  Are you able to hold a mortgage but want to be hands off as an investor? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a joint venture property may be what you are looking for. 

A joint venture connects a financial partner to an established working partner who takes care of all aspects of owning a property.  I have a long history of helping to connect investors to successful hands off investments. 

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